12.6" Non Sick Frying Pan with Green Handle

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Size:12.6" Skillet

So, you want to add a splash of color to your kitchen. Not too much that it becomes overwhelming, but just enough to brighten up the space a bit. Yup, we know exactly what you mean! You’re looking for a pot with personality.

If you think color is an all or none proposition, think again.

And meet the Soltam Rainbow Cookware Collection.

In these pots, you’ll find sleek elegance joining forces with a bite-sized touch of fun – and top-notch quality, too! Who would’ve thought it possible?!

So, what makes these pots fantastic? Oh, so many things!
The multi-layered construction makes for efficient and even heat distribution, which leads to quick cooking. Their non-stick coating makes it easy to cook with little or no oil – great for those who are trying to cut back on unnecessary fats. And it’s a breeze to clean, too! They work on all kinds of stovetops. Even induction ones! They feature stay-cool silicone handles for a safe, easy, and comfortable grip. And, of course, they look fantastic. 

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