Bottle Brush Red

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Please note: Items that have been toveled cannot be returned.

Unfortunately at the moment we can only offer toveling for items that are being picked up in store or delivered locally, not items that are being shipped or Shalach Manos.


  • Perfect Bottle Brush- This brush is ideal for cleaning narrow glasses bottles jars and other tight fits. The long brush can reach easily into tight corners that would be hard to reach by hand. Equipped with a comfort grip and hang-up feature for convenient storage.|Ergonomic Handle - Let yourself feel comfortable when cleaning. The rubber-covered handle is designed for a comfortable grip giving you a comfortable way to hold and use make your cleaning quicker and easier with every use.|Sturdy Bristles- These bristles are sturdy enough to clean all your bottles glassware etc. efficiently but gentle and soft too and will clean without scratching.|Thorough and Effective- This bottle brush with tougher and harder bristles and super good quality can firmly wash away any buildup your bottle may have. It's ideal for stainless steel and any kind of bottle.

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