Grill Prep 'N Serve Set

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  • BBQ MUST HAVE - No more monthly orders of 9" x 13" foil pans for all of your grill sessions. The Yukon Glory Patent Pending Prep 'N Serve combines a plastic tray used for raw foods with a gorgeous stainless steel serving tray for cooked foods, and a snap-on orange lid that fits onto both trays, ideal for marinades or leftovers
  • SPACE SAVING MINIMALISM - All components of this set stack perfectly into one another, so that your BBQ prep tray and serving dish take up as little space as possible in your kitchen, RV, tent, or patio
  • MARINATE LIKE A PRO - The plastic tray component of this set features a unique texture that is designed to facilitate juice flow and ensure that all sides of your food soak in whatever delectable sauce you've whipped up
  • CLEAN & NEAT - Walk from your kitchen to the grill without a million grill prep trays and just one ultimate combo plastic tray and grilling tray instead of running back and forth to grab it all individually
  • EASY CARE - All components are dishwasher safe, so cleaning up is no big headache

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