Neironim Glass Holder With Rubber

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Please note: Items that have been toveled cannot be returned.

Unfortunately at the moment we can only offer toveling for items that are being picked up in store or delivered locally, not items that are being shipped or Shalach Manos.


  • STUNNING GLASS CANDLE HOLDERS: Put your candles in beautiful Neironim glass candle cups and set up an elegant display for Shabbos, Chanukah, or any occasion!
  • SUPER SAFE: Our holders are designed to hold standard Neronim candles. Stay safe and protected!
  • GREAT DURABILITY: Made using top quality glass material, you are sure to be getting the highest quality candle holders that won’t easily shatter.
  • REUSABLE: When your candle has burnt out and melted, these cups can easily be washed out and refilled with a brand new candle.

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